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PR Portfolio

I have an interview at a really creative Ad/PR agency for an unpaid internship. I REALLY want this! The job description says they want somebody wo is very creative, so I was thinking about making my portfolio look like a press kit. I have never made a press kit before though and could use a little help.

I was wondering if anybody has advice about doing this and/or could help me with ideas of what to put in there. I am going to have a Fact Sheet w/ a quick run down of my accomplishments, a Profile which would be about me kind of like a cover letter, a sheet that has "Quotes from experts" or something which would be excerpts from my letters of rec, etc. Perhaps a brochure... Not entirely sure how to fit my writing samples in there. I have a press release I wrote for a class which I think is pretty good..hmmm! I am also planning to include a CD that has the full length letters of rec and some longer writing samples, like my honors thesis, etc.

Though I have learned about press kits and what goes into them, I have never really seen one. I know they sometime have quotes from people on a page but am not sure what to call that page.

I want it to be very obvious what I am trying to do. The last thing I want is for them to be confused about whether this is my portfolio or what...I am also debating if it is appropriate to have a photo of myself on the "profile" page...

Please let me know:
1. If you have recommendations, advice or suggestions on how to execute this
2. If you know a website where I could look at samples of press kits
3. A list of what usually goes into a press kit!

thank you! thank you! I would be forever grateful:)
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It sounds like to me you're trying to turn your resume into a couple of PR pieces (the faq sheet of accomplishments, profile/cover letter, quotes from experts sheet, etc.) Having your resume flushed out into different components of a press kit doesn't seem to be very convenient for the employer. Your employer will have a lot of job applicants to interview, and you want to make it convenient so that they can just take your resume as an at-a-glance sheet.

I'm all for the portfolio press kit idea, but I think the resume should just be one piece of paper.

Also, obtaining a press kit is pretty easy. Look into any media-relations oriented departments of whatever organization or company you would like, grab the contact info of who handles media, call them up and request a kit.
I love the idea but be careful with it. Keep it simple, as those are the best kind of media kits rather than a whole bunch of everything everywhere. I think the CD might be a little much, as jirna mentioned abovve, they will have a lot of others to interview and you want to create a good impact them right away.
Ask any journalists if you know any for a couple of kits or pop by a local publishing company - they will probably have a room full of them.